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The cards are stacked in favor for the first Global Writing Project Summer Institute Project DIRECT Martha and Harold on the Global Writing Project Essential Elements of the Digital Classroom
The cards are stacked in favor for the first Global Writing Project Summer Institute It’s a picture perfect setting for the first day of class.  The grass is green the sky is blue, the weather is perfect and the floating stack of playing cards make great seats.  No I’m not imaging things, it’s true. The Global Writing Project (GWP) Summer Institute really has floating cards as seats.  How is [...]
Project DIRECT The Oregon Writing Project at the University of Oregon has recently launched a professional development project, called Project DIRECT. The purpose of this project is to use the immersive quality in Second Life and provide a space for 20 teachers from rural schools to meet, learn and integrate technology into their practices The goal of [...]
Martha and Harold on the Global Writing Project Did you hear? The Oregon Writing Project is going Global! It’s true, they are taking the best of their Summer Institute and integrating it into a 3D immersive environment.
Essential Elements of the Digital Classroom This is the story of a group of teachers who embrace an educational philosophy and pedagogy of technology that is digital, seamless, collegial, connected and self-organized to address the issues of teaching and learning digital literacies for today. To view this wonderful multimedia presentation, please visit the Essential Elements of the Digital Classroom site. This [...]

The Global Writing Project

With 34 years of experience, the Oregon Writing Project (OWP), and now the Global Writing Project (GWP), leads the way in writing instruction. Our educators continue to break new ground in helping students learn in all subject areas and all grade levels. Writing transforms us: unites us with other cultures, demystifies the differences between us, and connects us to the world’s collective knowledge in new and exciting ways. The Global Writing Project works face-to-face and online in a 3D immersive environment with educators to innovate and share effective practices for preparing students for success in college, the workplace and life—globally  

Core Elements:

* Increase student achievement as writers and learners in all disciplines

* Build communities of teachers who share their innovations and expertise

* Celebrate teachers as writers

* Support teacher inquiry/practitioner research

* Build strong global teacher-leaders

The Online 3D Immersive Summer Institute

* (EDST 608), 6 credits, summer 2012: presents current theories and methods for teaching writing, using technology to support literacy instruction, and improving teachers’ own writing and in-service skills.

* School Year Practicum

* (EDST 609), 3 credits, school year 2012–13: emphasis on follow-up activities and support for teachers as they apply strategies, share results with their cohort, and assume leadership roles.

Dates: Monday through Thursday, June 25th-July 13th (no class on July 4th)

Location: Online in Alice Academy, Second Life (Virtual 3D Campus)

Cost: Credit: Summer Institute/Practicum, 9 graduate hours, $1800

Certificate of Participation (no credit): $100

To learn more, please visit the Summer Institute page here!

Their story, yours, mine-it’s what we all carry with us on this trip we take, and we owe it to each other to respect our stories and learn from them. –William Carlos William


Peggy’s Pen

Have you ever thought that if only two of you existed, you might be able to get the work on hand done?A virtual campus could make that possible. These are exciting times for the Oregon Writing Project. We are busy sharing face-to-face with teachers who drop by our office and with teachers who attend workshops here on campus. We are also busy meeting with our rural colleagues on a virtual campus for the same purpose. Be sure to check out OWP's Youtube Channel to learn about OWP's innovative virtual learning project. Both my real self and my virtual self welcome you to our web site and encourage you to participate in the activities of the Oregon Writing Project here at the University of Oregon. Drop by for a cup of coffee anytime—real or virtual.

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