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The Global Online Summer Institute

For over 37 years the Oregon Writing Project (OWP) has been a vital resource for teachers in leading sustained efforts to improve learning in our schools.   Now, OWP/Global Writing Project teachers will study and share effective practices that enhance student writing and learning, work collaboratively with each other, design resources, and take on new roles in effecting positive change with their global colleagues.  We are entering an exciting new phase in our history.  Welcome to the Global Writing Project and a world-wide network of teachers sharing and growing as writers and teachers of writing.

  • (EDST 608), 6 credits, summer 2012: presents current theories and methods for teaching writing, using technology to support literacy instruction, and improving teachers’ own writing and in-service skills.
  • School Year Practicum(EDST 609), 3 credits, school year 2012–13: emphasis on follow-up activities and support for teachers as they apply strategies, share results with their cohort, and assume leadership roles.

Sharon Washington, NWP’s Executive Director, is quick to point out our successes.

  • We help students achieve.
  • We develop strong teacher-leaders who work collaboratively with other educators, designing resources, and taking on new roles in effecting positive change.
  • Our teacher-leaders are change agents.  Ninety-eight per cent of all project teachers stay in education throughout their careers.
  • We build communities of teachers who share their innovations and expertise, online and in person.
  • Our teachers are digital and interested in what is “out there” and the possibilities for them as writers and for their students as learners.

Join the fun. The vision of the National Writing Project is clear. “Writing in its many forms is the signature means of communication in the 21st century.  The NWP envisions a future where every person is an accomplished writer, engaged learner, and active participant in a digital, interconnected world.”

Questions and Answers:

Q:Do I need to be tech savvy to participate in the Global Writing Project?

A: No.  You will have your own personal mentor.  Our Technology Teacher Consultants will help you every step of the way.  The Global Writing Project is a great example of life-long learning.  We expect to make mistakes, and we expect you to make mistakes as well.  Just bring your sense of humor along with you.

Q: What does the daily schedule look like?

A: The cohort will meet Monday-Thursday, for three hours in the morning (PST).  These morning sessions will fly. Please check the syllabus for the daily schedule.

Q: Where will I meet with my writing group?

A:  Your writing group will decide when and where to meet.  A space is reserved for you on Alice Academy, but meeting there is optional.  You might decide to meet on the Titanic, in Hyde Park, or the battle fields of WWI.  In Second Life, most anything is possible.

Q: How do I present on Alice Academy? I want to use a power point for my teacher demonstration.

A: Your Tech Mentor will help you.  Presentation screens on Alice Academy support power point, key note-well-most any presentation tool you use in your classroom.

Course Details:

Instructors:  Dates:
Peggy Marconi, Associate OWP DirectorLeslie Moitoza, Inquiry and Teacher Research

Eric Tuck, IT

Mary Harwood, IT

Tom Layton, Second Life Engineer and Consultant

Monday through Thursday, June 22-July 10Time: 9:00a.m. – Noon  ( writing response meeting times to be scheduled by participants)

Year-long Practicum: 

Date and times to be scheduled by participants.

Reading and Conference:

Meetings by appointment. Work due August 10.

Location:  Credit: 
Alice Academy, Second Life (Virtual 3-D Campus)Participants meet with the project staff, by appointment, the week prior to June 22, to learn the ins and outs of Second Life.  Summer Institute/Practicum, 9 graduate hours, $1800 Reading and Conference, 1-3 graduate hours, @ $200 per credit hour




Where can I apply?

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For questions, please email Peggy Marconi at